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ICOBOL 5 Beta Available

We have posted a Beta test release of the next major version of Interactive COBOL -- ICOBOL 5. Two of the biggest new features in this release are native 64-bit execution and a new version of our data file manager that supports files larger than 4 GB - much larger!. Click here to check it out. ICOBOL 5 requires a new license, so contact Sales and request a temporary license to try it.

Please Note: All new ICOBOL 4 licenses purchased after July 1 will be eligible for a no-cost upgrade to ICOBOL 5. An updated pricing schedule with additional upgrade pricing information will be posted by the time ICOBOL 5 is released.

Have you heard people say that COBOL is dead?

Many people are saying it, but it simply isn't true (see Infoworld Article). COBOL may not have the glitz of the latest programming languages, yet it is so reliable and does its job so well, that it is not just alive, it is growing. Unfortunately, many people believed that COBOL was dead and so there are not as many COBOL programmers as there used to be. Maybe that's your problem - you have lots of valuable COBOL code but you can't find any programmers to work on it and you feel like you're at a dead end. That is where we can help. We know COBOL inside and out and have years of experience doing COBOL system migrations and upgrades, as well as performing custom programming and and adding new features to existing customer applications.

Give us a call and ask about our COBOL programming services. We can help.

ICOBOL Revision 4.85 Has Arrived!

Latest Info
ICOBOL Revision 4.85 >>
(Updated August 28, 2014)
Revision 5.00 Beta (September 13, 2014)  >>

The 4.85 release of ICOBOL 4 includes improved support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and file buffering performance improvements in Linux as well as a number of bug fixes. We have also revised our diagnostic utility called icinfo so that it can be downloaded and run even if you have an older version of the software installed.

As always, the latest revision also builds on previous releases with feature enhancements, bug fixes, and up to date third party components. One of those great feature enhancements made recently to ICOBOL 4 is the ability to write any of your sequential report files in .pdf format and even merge the report text with custom background forms. Click here to check out all the details.

Note that if you are coming from ICOBOL 2 or 3, ICOBOL 4 requires a new license. We have worked to make the upgrade from ICOBOL 3 to ICOBOL 4 as simple as possible. For most customers it will be as simple as upgrading from one minor version to the next. ICOBOL 4 also provides a solution for those ICOBOL 2 customers who were "stuck" at that revision because parts of their application were not available to be recompiled for ICOBOL 3. The ICOBOL 4 runtime has the ability to run in ICOBOL 2 compatibility mode. This has the advantage that many of enhancements we've added over the past 10+ years now become available to your ICOBOL 2 applications, including such popular features as printing to .pdf and the thin-client runtime. Please visit our pricing page for current prices.

Are You Running on Borrowed Time?

Perhaps you recognize names like Eclipse MV/8000® and AViiON® because you're still running that old Data General system with Interactive COBOL. If so, you're running on borrowed time - a major system failure is looming closer and closer.  Can you afford to be down for days or weeks while you scour the country for replacement parts?  Have you checked your backups lately to make sure you can recover from a crashed disk drive? Even if you are lucky, and your system stays up for another year, it is another year of lost productivity as you run on a a machine that is hundreds of times slower than today's processors. Why not make the move to one of our open systems platforms today?

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we have the tools to make it happen. Check out our ODBC Driver, Client/Server File Access, and Client/Server SQL access products.